Istanbul Teknopark Remaining Stages Master Plan

  • Project Date: 2019
  • Location: Pendik / Istanbul
  • Client: Teknopark Istanbul A.Ş
  • Project Team: Cem Ilhan, Tulin Hadi, Can Kubin , Melis Dag , Sezin Beldag, Su Kapkin, Hande Sermet , Foad Sarsangi

Technopark Istanbul Campus is an important technology development area and an important urban center in Pendik district near Sabiha Gökçen International Airport. In this sense, the area has the potential to be an important technological focus not only within the region but also within the city. Within the scope of the project, the area is considered as a technology and ecology-oriented living space that connects with its environment rather than a simple technopark that is closed to itself. In this sense, the ecological values ​​in and around the area, the technological approaches that come to the fore with the function of the area, and an urban approach that prioritizes the human being are determined as the 3 main components that guide the project.



The ecological approach within the site is handled at two different scales. On the basis of the ecological approach at the urban scale, it is prioritized that the valley existing in the area, together with its extensions, is preserved and included in social life. In this sense, a green ecological corridor is envisaged starting from the center of Kurtköy and extending to the area and enclosing the valley ground. While this corridor becomes the focus of life in the area, it starts with an ecological bridge to the Turkish-Japanese University in the east and extends to the forest areas. On the architectural scale, it is envisaged that the buildings and the small courtyards formed by the structures will be included in life as open green spaces, and it is thought to ensure the continuity of the main pedestrian areas in the area.



The functional structure based on technology and innovative production within the concept of technopark also plays a decisive role in the spatial formation proposed within the scope of the project. However, the project aims to integrate these activities with the green areas and social facilities designed in the campus and to create an ecosystem in this way. In this sense, the concept of technology, which is the purpose of production in the Technopark, is also considered as a tool that supports sustainability, renewable energy and environmentalist approaches in the campus setting. In this direction, it is important to emphasize the technology-based identity of Teknopark Istanbul in the design of the remaining phases.


Urban Living Area

Although the campus area is physically located within the urban area, it requires a largely inward-looking arrangement due to the nature of the roads and uses around it. For this reason, Technopark should be considered as a living space where all daily recreational needs can be met, beyond a working area. In this sense, it is aimed to enrich the open spaces proposed by the current urban design project during the design of the remaining stages and to make this place an attractive place for both employees and visitors.