Camden Lock Market

  • Project Date: 1987
  • Location: London/England
  • Project Team: Cem Ilhan

The extensive market in a North London borough has now spread into neighbouring streets and became a giant, open-air shopping area where almost anything can be found. The focal point of the project was experiencing a period of post-industrial stagnation of 90′s. The point selected as the design problem area was the

intersection of Camden Street, the main transportation axis of pedestrians, and one of the canals that once enabled the transportation of goods to London. The project carries the matter of sustainability to a multi-layered zone by making references to the

memory of the city. Structures that can be added to each other form an organic relationship with the existing fabric of the city. This is achieved through the use of materials, keeping the existing scale, maintaining the sustainability of pedestrian promenades and attaching additional spaces. New structures such as the canal museum, observation tower, integrated with the existing ones, vitalize the potential of the area by making possible new scenarios of daily life.