Hilton Garden Inn Golden Horn

  • Project Date: 2010
  • Location: Golden Horn/İstanbul
  • Client: Amplio Hotel Inventments
  • Project Team: Tulin Hadi, Cem Ilhan, Sefika Guner, Aydogan Ozsoy, Derya Ertan, Turkan Kahveci, Sezgin Bilgin
  • Photography: Amplio, Cemal Emden
  • Awards: Real Estate Awards

Hilton Garden Inn Golden Horn Hotel is located in the middle of urban activity centers of Istanbul, such as Minyatürk, Sütlüce Congress Center, AKP Provincial Presidency Building, Rahmi Koç Museum. The hotel brings great intensity to the plot with its 440-bed program. For this reason, instead of designing a monoblock building, a fragmented mass is developed as prior design decision. The building has a changing interplay of cantilevers and shifting silhouette. The building envelope is composed of façade ceramics and fiber cement plate coating.

Terrace gardens arranged on the upper elevations with varying materials and interplay of light and shadow enable the mass to integrate with the existing urban fabric of the neighborhood. Looking at the Golden Horn silhouette, the hotel draws attention as a dominant structure among the surrounding buildings, while at the same time, it exhibits an approach that does not dominate the buildings at the front and behind the building. The hotel has terraces facing the Golden Horn vistas and positioned on various levels. The restaurants, bars and meeting rooms are located on the ground and mezzanine floors and are arranged as panoramic spaces facing the same directions. The rooms are positioned with open views to the Golden Horn.