Miscolc Die Cast Factory

  • Project Date: 2019
  • Location: Miskolcs / Hungary
  • Project Team: Tulin Hadi, Cem Ilhan, Sezin Beldag, Su Kapkin, Melis Dag, Dobos Botand /Intramoros (Local Office)

Located in Miskolc, Hungary, the factory complex includes aluminium casting plants to be built in phases. These are logistic support facilities, die casting plants and the company’s management offices. In the first stage, it is predicted that the production facilities, which will have an indoor area of ​​11.000 m2, will reach a total closed area of ​​approximately 50.000 m2 in the long term. Production facilities and logistics operations are gathered under one roof. The management offices are located in the foreground to give a facade to the main transportation route. In this way, the production and management functions are differentiated as an architectural language in such a way to express their functions.