A Space of Solidarity for Neighborhood-Scale Organizations in Mersin: MECRA

Tece Architecture is implementing a design that is increasingly needed and puts local initiative and solidarity demand at the center in Mersin. The venue, which will be realized with the cooperation of the local government and the civic initiative (Kültürhane), operates as a cafe-library with a workspace that hosts public events. Until now, hundreds of talks, concerts, video-projections, exhibitions and workshops have been held since the establishment of the Kulturhane. Gradually, a large community of citizens from different backgrounds and profiles developed through the encounters during these events.

At the same time, recent experience with disaster relief further revealed the importance of such a collective public space that could act as a shelter for survivors, stockpile collected goods, or organize the distribution of aid. It seems that it will take a long time to meet all the needs of the survivors, such as psychological rehabilitation and online education opportunities. Having extra space for such needs would therefore be invaluable.

Depending on these needs and priorities, TeCe Architects which has significant experience in public space designs, completed a design consisting of modular shipping containers and brings it to life in Mersin.